Success as Exclusive Crypto Event by Power Hashing


We are happy to announce passed new series of Meet Ups called Exclusive CryptoCurrency Trainning in New Delhi yesterday powered by Power Hashing at Hotel Radisson Blue (Pachim Vihar,New Delhi) 22 January 2017 .Starting is an initiative  to provide a platform for individuals from various walks of life to come and interact with the co-founders or other startups. The series of meet up is designed as a casual free thinking event where various people come together and learn and teach about things about cryptocurrency Industry.

amit“Power Hashing here to explore the beautiful concept of Asiadigicoin and its underlying technology called blockchain. We are gaining mass popularity as a medium of Crypto and it presents itself as a cutting edge technology” said Co-Founder Amit Jaiswal.


Users of Asiadigicoin appreciated by apply its characteristics as a flexible currency easy way to pay,transfer and the potential to increase in value have also enabled the acceptance of ADCN.

“There are numerous programs of different Cryptocurrencies which are currently supported by Power Hashing, with Asiadigicoin the most popular of them all, yet the proper knowledge of this currency cannot be said to be popular, even among users.

It is just another kind of best Digital currency,” says ,” a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Result as people need to understand cryptocurrency that can be used by anyone. .

One of the top crypto enthusiasts and investors Amit Jaiswal , tells that, after innovation, cryptocurrency education stands as its most important aspect.

However,Power Hashing points out that properly organized education has been within Asiadigicoin community. “its education might just be the most important aspect in the whole space apart from the innovation of cryptocurrency itself,”
Power Hashing popular within the crypto industry are workshops and seminars creators of particular Blockchains, startups and tokens. Power Hashing covering the history of educating and evolution of crypto industry .


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