Power Hashing Event In The Heart Of India – Delhi!!

Power Hashing Event In The Heart Of India – Delhi!!


As the time is moving on people from India are also getting involved in CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin but due to lack of education they are very confused and don’t trust the concept.

In order to help them Power Hashing is a company which is organizing events for different people in different parts of India to educate people about CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin.

So after getting a huge response of people from the capital of India, Power Hashing has organized a an interactive session on CryptoCurrency and Bitcoin During this session we received lot of questions about the durability, future of these currencies.

As we have our international experts and trainers who help them to understand and answer all their questions and guide them how to multiply their hard earned money in CryptoCurrency industry.

It was a very successful event wherein people were so excited and happy to understand the reality of CryptoCurrency and how it works. Next we are targeting some other metro city or may be some small city of India to educate the people the same way we are doing.

Our Crypto Coach Mr. Kartike Kanwar says, “This change in the monetary system is going to change the way you handle money. I know it will take time as every revolution in the start takes a lot of effort to come into effect. If you be a part of this today then you will be the one to take maximum benefit from the revolution else in the later stage you will have to be a part of this.”


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