Bangalore Success Event

Bangalore Success Event!!


23rd july 2016, Bangalore: The IT hub of India.

Bangalore being the IT backbone of India is one of the top ten most preferred entrepreneurial locations on the Globe.

Power Hashing had a massive event of CryptoCurrency on Saturday 23rd July, 2016. People from Karnataka were also a part of this huge event, who were very much keen to know this new concept of CryptoCurrency. After the event people were willing to be a part of Power Hashing and earn Bitcoins and other CryptoCurrencies with Power hashing leader’s guidance.


The Director Mr. Amit Jaiswal says, “We invite you  all to get educated on everything about CryptoCurrency, be it mining, trading or whether you wish to develop your own coin. You can always take help from us.“

In the event all the discussion was related to what CryptoCurrency is all about, what is fiat money, what is the future of CryptoCurrency and fiat money, whether it is safe to invest in CryptoCurrency and how you can multiply your money with Power Hashing?


Our Crypto Coach Mr. Kartike Kanwar says, “Today or tomorrow we will be using this currency in our daily routines. So it’s always better and profitable to be a part of revolution when it is started.”

With Power Hashing many people are getting associated and we have covered almost 83 countries on the globe to help them educate and earn the new currency i.e. CryptoCurrency.

Come and be a part of us.

More power!! More Freedom!!


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