Power Hashing in Nepal!!

Power Hashing in Nepal!!

Power Hashing Director Mr. Abhishek Bhandari had an outstanding event in Bhutwal and Pokhra in Nepal with around 25-30 to key leaders. The meet was held on 18th and 20th June 2016. Leaders from Nepal were exited to meet our Crypto Guru Mr. Bhandari who has many years of experience in entrepreneurship and CryptoCurrency, who loves Crypto world and helping people all around the world to become Millionaire.

In the event people were educated on CryptoCurrency and how it is going to change the future of whole financial system in coming years. Since bitcoin has grown 80% in last two months and people are drawing great profits by investing in Power Hashing.

Mr. Bhandari speaks “Nepal is a developing country like India and there are many youngsters who have dreams in their eyes, who want to do something really big. I could see in their eyes that they have found what they have been looking for, they have found a platform which is Power Hashing, they have found an industry which is CryptoCurrency and they know the power of direct selling & multilevel marketing and how fast one can grow in this industry”

As we all know Bitcoin and Blockchain is the future and Power Hashing is the first registered company in India with their own mining setup for all CryptoCurrencies. Soon Power Hashing will have its very big network in Nepal with all the top leaders who are much more excited to be a part of Power Hashing. We will soon conquer the world and spread our wings on the globe.

Everyone loves Power Hashing and is already a part of this.

Sign up today and be a part of Big Change!!

More Power More Freedom!!!


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